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Bayeux - a sight for sore eyes!

Welcome to our hotel in the heart of the city

On your first steps outside of our hotel at the heart of Bayeux, you may stumble across the tourist office, just 100 metres away. The short journey here will lead to countless others! There are countless free walks you can take for whatever mood you’re in. Stroll along the medieval streets, which have been weathered with time yet have survived the turbulence of history. Then discover the expertise of talented artists showing off their craft in domains such as gastronomy, lace work and porcelain. Guided tours of Old Bayeux will take you on a journey through the city’s rich, long history from the Gauls to de Gaulle. Yet even in the grand houses of the wealthy bourgeois who contributed to the city’s prosperity, everything here is simple and tasteful, with nothing garish on display.

It may be around 1000 years old, but the famous Bayeux Tapestry exalting William the Conqueror (just 300m from the hotel) doesn't show its age! Part of UNESCO’s Memory of the World, this piece of embroidery illustrating the conquest of England by the Duke of Normandy is as much an artistic feat as it is an exceptional document of history. William also inaugurated the city’s majestic cathedral in 1077. It hasn’t lost any of its allure or colours, and the sight of the soft Norman sunshine passing through the stained glass is ever evocative.

The Musée Baron Gérard contains some wonderful collections of art and local crafts, while the Conservatoire de la Dentelle (Lace Conservatory) carries on a 300 year-old tradition - even you can have a go!

Meanwhile, the Musée mémorial de la Bataille de Normandie (Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy) will place you at the heart of the events which resulted in Bayeux becoming the first liberated in France on the morning of June 7th 1944. Then relax in the Jardin Botanique under the shade of the “weeping beech”, listed as an “Arbre remarquable de France” (Remarkable Tree in France).